Gosh, I attended aerobics today. I think it’s about time to go back to that class and loose so much fat in my tummy because these fats are starting spread in my body parts. I noticed my tummy is getting bigger and bigger as well as my shoulder and arms. Yuck! There are lots of things/procedure that can be done nowadays, have you heard about lap band already? I think this is new because it’s my first time to hear it, and it’s seem so safe and more hi-tech procedure. I have read lap band testimonials and their clients were fulfilled and undergone successful surgeries. Look at their clients in lap band before and after, from big and fat body to slim and healthy body. Wow! Do i need to dial 1-800-GET-SLIM already? Hmmm…reading their qualifications, I don’t think I am qualified. I am not overweight, I only have big tummy! If you know somebody who needs this just dial the number and help them get slim today!