Work at home mom and stayed at home mom seems no different to me except for the fact that you are busy sometimes and even you’re at home you can’t able to take care of your kids. I am a Realtor, I am only busy when there’s an inquiry and most of the time (if lucky), I am not at home during weekends because that’s my tripping day. Sometimes it’s boring but when you caught even only one big fish a month it’s all worth it. When I am feeling bored I do have lots to do, first I can play with my kids, if they are busy playing on their own or they are watching TV, I can do blogging, but most of all, I can do digiscrapping. Digiscrapping is one of my favorite thing to do as of now. So I can really say I am happy being a WHAM or Work at Home Mom. Aside from those I have something else in mind I wanted to learn, I want to COOK and BAKE. I want to cook for my husband and bake cookies for my kids. I know learning to cook and bake is expensive but I will surely learn that someday. Aah what else can I say about being a WHAM? Nothing. All I know is that I am happy being a WHAM, I am contented with my life, I am happy being here looking after my kids while working. I am also happy being a wife of my loving husband. So I am now far from those real cheating wives I am currently seeing in the web. I think some of the women should focus on something else when their bored so they will not become a lonely cheating wives. Though I really beleive that there are lots of cheating house wives out there. I just don’t know their reasons. Maybe they are just bored or feeling unloved. I am so glad I have my kids and husband. There’s no reason to get bored.