First quarter of the year is almost finished now, my hubby and I have so much plans but I can’t see any accomplishments for the past 3 months of the year. I have done some of my resolutions like buying books for my kids, I am also trying very hard to sell house and lots. Oh yeah, before I forgot I should hurry my husband to finish our website for House Finder Philippines. I can’t blame him because making a website is not that easy, we actually planned to hire somebody to make it for us but I don’t think that’s practical. Seems that I have no choice but to hire somebody or a company that could able to do it fast if it can’t be done till next quarter. Have you heard about this Data Scraping Software thing? I was searching one night and I found so many companies like this. I actually no idea what this is all about. There are lots of things in the interenet that I don’t understand. Anyways, what more important now is to think another ways tof meeting my plans for this year. And I hope we could also have a vacation this summer with our kids alone. Gosh, I have lots in my mind but it’s not just planning you know. There are lots of things to consider. For now, I just wanna share some stuff like this. Sigh!