Happy Mommy Moments Everyone!
Lately I have been posting so late here… I’ve been busy updating my site of house and lot so I could catch up some more sales heheheheh =)
You know, summer time then enrollment time…..Gosh I can feel the “gastos” now that our kids are going to school already! It’s a great achievement for all of us moms to make sure our kids will have what we really want for them. Sigh! Hope we could all make our dreams for our family come true (in God’s grace).
Anyway, I am so glad I made this post early this time. Here’s my entry for this week….

Sleeping time is not hard for them to do when they were younger……I am just tapping them, singing them nursery rhymes or breast fed them and them easily fall asleep. . But nowadays, I have to force them before they go to bed especially in the afternoon (nap time). They love to play and play like they were so full of energy from 11am until 4pm. Kids are so energetic.

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