Mary Ann, my boss in real estate and a friend treated me to Let’s Face It! I never have any experience in any of these except for manicure and pedicure. She gave me a FREE facial with collagen and Foot Spa with manicure and pedicure as an incentive for my first sale this year! Thanks! I will never forget this!
Let Me share you some pics I insisted to take even though It’s BAWAL! Hehhehehhe =)

Ongoing Facial….I love the first procedure, but pricking is very painful for a first timer like me!

Masking….I dunno how to call this procedure. The beauty consultant said they put a collagen thing-y for my dry face argh! =(
After 2 hours of mixed pain and relaxation hehehe…I can smile now with confidence While Mary Ann has to pay our bill! Hehehehehe =)

And last but not the least, a super heavy dinner FREE again! Hehhehe oh, I love freebies!!!

Thanks Mary Ann, this is one of the greatest day ever in my life! Thanks for letting me experience this kind of pampering. This is a dream that finally came true! I will surely sell more house and lots for more incentives and freebies! Hehehehehe =) I’ll be back at Let’s Face it on Sunday for check up! I will bring my husband here sometime. I want him also to experience this! =)