Mommy Moment Time!!! Im sorry Im late! Ahahhahah !

Yes feeding time….I am very thankful that I can be able to breast fed them because of so many benefits for both of us. We all know how important breastfeeding is and i am so proud I breastfed them!

My Son Ethan was breast fed since birth up to two years old….were always like this everyday! Sometimes he’s drinking from his bottle if I am not around or when were in the mall or somewhere else where I can’t able to breast feed him.

He started to eat at four months. He is so “matakaw”! He’s crying there kasi ang bagal kong magsubo hehehheeh =)

Here’s my daughter ISHI naman, she’s breast fed too for 5 months lang. I was pregnant with Ethan that time so I have to stop breast feeding her. She’s more flexible than Ethan, i can breast feed her or bottle feed without having a hard time . I was only pumping my milk from the office and storing it in the fridge so she have a milk for the whole day when I am not around. We were breastfeeding na kapag dumating na ko from work.

And there’s she is nung 6 months na sya(blurry can’t find the other pics e)…she started to eat solid when she’s 4 months old like Ethan. Matakaw din but she didn’t gain weight that much.

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