Bonding time….I remember when they were still babies, especially with Ishi’s time, I love to sing them nursery rhymes with action. I was working that time that’s why the only bonding we had is when I am breastfeeding her at night and in the morning before I go to work. During weekends we used to go out with daddy. We’re not going to parks yet until Ethan came. I also read books to them but not consistently. I also love to bathe them but nowadays, I can’t able to bathe them because of so many things to do.

Now that they we’re big enough to go to parks, my husband and I used to schedule it once a month. We also do biking or walking around the village. My kids we’re so happy when we’re going out from the house, they’re like prisoners that really wanted to come out from their cage! They also love buying from the stores near us. That’s our simple ways of bonding!