Another entry for mommy moments… I have posted some of my latest birthday pictures in my other blog and here’s an additional pics….

Ethan’s latest birthday last January 15, celebrated at home. Ate helping him blow the candle. Hehehhe =)

And ate again helping her baby brother to slice his cake….how sweet isn’t it?

Here’s a additional pictures of my daughter ISHI during her latest birthday – November 14, 2008. We actually celebrated it in school then another celebration at home with her cousins. I set up a “play time party”. She enjoyed her birthday at home because she really loves to play along with her cousins.

Ishi slicing her cake….

….playing with her cousins while eating hotdogs and cakes…..

….hmmm yummy!!!

And making some cutie pose with her fav gift she received on her birthday…DORA!!!!

Happy Mommy Moments to all!!! Just click HERE if you want to join us!