Being a mom of two made me feel complete and fulfilled! I am so proud that I gave birth to these wonderful and so Kuleeeeet kids hehehehe =) I am treasuring every moments with them…..especially the very first time I held them in my arms.

First pic of my daughter ISHI and Me
This pic was taken 6 hours after her birth. They were giving your baby after the “new born screening” that’s why we didn’t able to hold her agad.

First pic of my Son Ethan and Me
If I’ve waited for 6 hours to my first child ISHI for me to hold…..I am so sad to say that I’ve waited for my second child for 240 hours and maybe more than that. Because as what I’ve mention to my other blog, he has some problems with his blood so he has to stay for 10 days and they didn’t even allow us touch him before we go home. We’re just looking at him and saying bye bye behind those mirror walls.