Thanks to Mommy Enchie of Sweet Nothings and Whats’ Cookin from my Kitchen & Stuff for this wonderful blog in time for Valentines Day!

Let me share first a little bit of our Love Story here……
College days….I have two closed friends, the other one was my husband’s ex girlfriend during highschool days. They’ve been together for a month if I am not mistaken and separated with I don’t know reason hehehe =) My friend was still inlove to him back then, she’s still concern about him. So when he heard about hubby is depressed because of a girl, she asked a favor from my other friend to befriended him and might help him as well to forget the girl causing his depression. There then started the friendship….since he’s always with my other friend, we used to hang with him all the time. Aside from that he’s also a dancer in his school (La Salle) like me and his ex in our school (University of Caloocan). We became closed friends because of having the same hobby and likes and he’s also COOL for me. As time goes by, were expeting him and my friend to like each other….we’re always following her up about their standing. One day, my friends talked to me and told me that HE likes me and not the other friend! Oh my Gosh I don’t understand my feeling that time, I am not expecting anything like that to happen but….it happened!!! My true feelings for him just came out naturally, I know that we’re just friends and I like to hang out with him everytime, I like to see him everyday but I didn’t know it was LOVE! Until the day I knew about his feelings too! We’re boyfriend and girlfriends for 4 years and married for 3 years….so we’re 7 years getting stronger……loving each other more…..

There are times that I don;t understand my husband, there are times that we argue, but still I am falling inlove with him everyday! Now I am thinking what makes me fall in love to him? How Do I love Him?

I love him the way he is……
i love him because he loves me too…….
I love him because he loves our kids so much…….
I love him because he loves me for who I am……
I love him because he understands me more than anyone else…..
I love him because i am comfortable with him…….
I love him because he’s so smart…….
I love him because he’s very supportive……..
I love him because he’s the only one I am always thinking evertime……..
I love him because he’s so simple……..
I love him because he’s CARLOS LISING, JR!!!!

I would like to hear a story from these bloggers too…… I am passing these to:
All of the Mommy Bloggers there who’s always inlove!!!!