It’s been quite a while since the last time we went out together as family. I missed going to park with the whole family and let the children play all day long. Darn that so called OT of my hubby coz he’s too exhausted this past few weekends and he chooses to stay at home and have his rest. Forget that thing coz last Saturday I forced him to bring the kids to Mc Donalds playland hehehhe and part of the plan, I also forced him to go to the grocery (YES I forced him coz he is so matipid).
Last Sunday, we went to cementery to visit my Hubby’s grand father’s grave. After that we spent some time at my tita-in-law’s house in Quezon City to celebrate Len2x’s (hubby’s cuzin) birthday. We ate a lot, we drank wine and the kids enjoyed playing with aunt Lita’s decors at home heheheh =) they also played with their Christmas Tree visit my kid’s blog to see what they did to Tita Lita’s Christmas tree.