Christmas….christmas….christmas….few hours left to go and It’s already our most awaited Holiday!!! I love christmas!! I love gifts!! Both giving and receiving heheheheh =)
Last Saturday is our church’s christmas party. After the mass we have our simple gatherings, has exchanged gifts and raffle. My kids we’re so hapy running around after the mass. There were so energetic and I am so tired of following them all along. But It’s okay as long as they had fun! They did also had fun receiving some gifts from some of our churchmates. I also enjoy this night coz My mom in-law bought a gift for us for ‘exchange gift’ and luckily we got set of plates with saucer and cups. Cute! Hehehhe =)
After that nice christmas party we had in church, we went home so late like 11:30pm already. At home my cousin told me that I had a package came this afternoon. It’s my advance prize from Sweetytots!!!Wow!! I’ve been expecting for it but not as early as that day. I was ecpecting it to be delivered like dec 23, but it came last dec 20. Thanks Sweetytots! I was supposed to wrap it and gave it to my daughter on christmas day, but I accidentaly told her that, that package was the Toy in the Internet I used to show her. Hehehe she knows bout this game and this toy, she’s been waiting for it that’s why that night, she opened it and play with it already!

“Salo-salo sa christmas party”

“delivery thru Air21”

My advance PRIZE from Sweetytots! Hooray!

Merry Christmas to all of US!!!! God Bless!!!