Toy Hunt : More Chritmas Toys or Decors

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Hi there again my fellow toy hunters!!!! Here’s my other post for my blog =) Kinda late sorry =)

This is my Aunt in-law’s “belen”, she placed it under her….

Christmas Tree!!!

and these are some of her decors on their table =)

My kids love those stones, every time we visit aunt, these are their toys!! And i have to pick them up one by one before we go home coz they scattered it all over the floor!

I also like this cutie decor! (I dunno how to call this Gift?!)

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One thought on “Toy Hunt : More Chritmas Toys or Decors”

  1. We also used to have a little belen at my Lola’s house. 🙂 Ang bongga nung Christmas tree ng aunt mo, with all the ribbons and Christmas balls 🙂

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