Waaaahh!! I’m so so so late to blog about this contest!!! I hope I could still have chance to win, =)
Anyway lets all be happy for Earthly Explorations !st year anniversary!!! =) Hooray! More anniversarries to come!!!! =) ou can still catch up like me coz there’s 2 more days to go!!!! Here’s how to join:
1. Subscribe to my feed via e-mail or reader. (2 pts)
2. Technorati Fave my blog. Add to Technorati Favorites (2 pts)
3. Blog about this contest. (5 pts)
4. Place my button on your sidebar (should be there for at least until January 12. (5pts)
5. Blog about your most favorite post in my blog. (If you have more than one favorite post in my blog you can blog about it too for additional points!) (50 words minimum) (5 pts)
6. Stumble, Digg, Delicious or me (1 pt.) (Stumble link)
7. If you are on blogger follow my blog. (1 pt.)
8. Leave a comment on this post to inform me of the steps you did in joining my contest. (1 pt.)
9. Comment on my other post. (1 pt.)
10. Sign the registration form. Required for all who will join so I will know how to contact you in case you win.(5 pts.) *rest assured your personal details will not be publicized.
11. In the case of multiple blogs, I will accept the entry and it’s corresponding points as long as you stumble a different post and tell on the comment which post you stumbe/digg/deli etc.

What are you waiting guys? Let’s go catch up for surprise prizes!