Cheaters anr Loosers!


“The cheating culture is actually the men’s fault, I believe. All because they let their other head rule over the head above their shoulders and let their biology dictate to them their animalistic behavior and act like dogs and pigs.”

“You are not a slave to your biology. You always have free will and the choice to stop this. But why instead of behaving like humans you choose to behave like animals and think with your penis rather than your brains or more importantly your heart?”

I like this paragraphs from Earthly Exploration’s post about “Cheaters are Losers!”.
I have nothing more to say….this is it! It’s very TRUE!!!! Think about it guys! =)

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2 thoughts on “Cheaters anr Loosers!”

  1. True. Nowadays a lot of girls are aggressively flirting e. Pero it’s always the guys’ prerogative nga if ieentertain nila young thought na ganun. Dpaat di sila madala sa tukso. 🙂

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