WS1 : What a Mess!


It’s been a month now and until now, I can’t still figure out what to do with this mess! This is supposed to be my kids cabinet for their toys, but I don’t have a choice but to use some of the space.

Sunday morning, I was planning to arrange and fix these mess, but I end up watching movies with my husband when he arrived from his basketball game (sigh!).

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3 thoughts on “WS1 : What a Mess!”

  1. Napakadami nilang toys. 🙂 Did they bring some abroad? Sayang kasi baka madumihan lang sya dyan pag tagal. Yung iba naming surffed toys napuno nalang ng alikabok, nakakapanghinayang.

    1. ung mag fav nila nilbhan ko pinatuyo then nilagay sa plastics :)) karamihan pinamigay 😀 ang dala lang nila ay yung bago n JESSIE doll and BUZZ robot 😉

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